We are a company offering plant maintenance service in the field of refineries and petrochemical plants.

Create Plant Maintenane System & Risk Management
Remaining life assessment
Reliability assessment
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We, Techno-staff provide consultation services regarding create plant maintenance system & risk management, remaining life assessment and reliability assessment.

Create Plant Maintenane System & Risk Management

Creation of Up-to-date Plant Maintenance System
Assess the present Plant Maintenance System and discuss with clientfs member.
Create up-to-date plant maintenance system, based on wide experience in plant diagnosis and maintenance management
Education of Risk Management
Educate safety management system including loss prevention and the way of change control, accident investigation, identification of the cause of crisis and emergency care.
Identification of the cause of failure and Loss Prevention
Identify the cause of major loss by site walk and hearing.
Take steps to prevent major accident by checking not only process safety but also plant management system and human management
Identify the cause of failure by means of TSfs HAZOP.
Take steps to prevent an accident by checking not only process disagreement but also plant management system and human factor.

Remaining life assessment

Remaining life assessment and damage investigation for equipment material
Conduct material survey and remaining life assessment by leveraging wealth of database.

Reliability assessment

Reliability assessment of various diagnostic outcomes
Regarding the effects on safety operation such as corrosion, deterioration, cracking which is detected during in-service period, assesses reliability whether it is acceptable by use of FFS method.
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