We are a company offering plant maintenance service in the field of refineries and petrochemical plants.

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We, Techno Staff Co., Ltd are providing plant inspection and its management service for refinery and petrochemical plant since the Company was established in 1990. As a top-class engineering company, Techno Staff Co., Ltd are having great trust from our clients through the in-service plant maintenance planning and pressure vessel and piping inspection services.
In order to provide our technical services, it is essential to have knowledge of the design and fabrication of plant, material, process, mode of corrosion and degradation of metals, Construction Code and Standards, and interpretation of data such as remaining life calculation of pressure vessels.
We are providing our technical services through the knowledge and trying our best to improve our engineering skill in making use of vast and various site experiences, in-house and external education.
Most of oil and petrochemical plant in Japan are past more than 40 years since it was commissioned. As the aged plants are suffering from its degradation, needs of inspection and plant management service from clients are increasing in recent years. Thus, we have a sense of responsibility to strive for further improvement of technical skill in order to respond the expectations from clients.
In 2007 we have established Techno Staff Pte., Ltd in Singapore and are now having great trust for our inspection service from client, and expanding our business to surrounding countries in these years.
Techno Staff group will continuously do our best in global to do our technical service to clients in order to exceed expectations from clients.
Techno Staff CO., Ltd.
Hidenori Shimazu
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